The 2017 Election Platform Presentation

The 2017 Election Platform Presentation was recorded at a public meeting hosted by CHP-BC in New Westminster on January 2017. It contains the main planks of CHP-BC's 2017 Election Platform. Rod Taylor, National Leader of CHP Canada and Interim Leader of CHP-BC rolled out the platform in several cities, and invited those who support the Party's pro-life, pro-family, pro-freedom, and pro-fiscal sanity policies to consider serving as candidates or campaign volunteers.

Those wishing to contact Rod Taylor can do so at

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The Spring Election Is Fast Approaching!

Your generous response to our year-end appeal allowed us to complete our work in 2016, and to begin planning for the 2017 General Election, scheduled for April 11-May 9, 2017.

As your CHP-BC interim leader, I was able to conduct a mini-tour of parts of the province in January, meeting with members and potential members in Kelowna, New Westminster, Victoria, Nanaimo, Courtenay and Campbell River. During that trip, and with the assistance of dedicated members in these locations, I presented the CHP-BC 2017 platform we have been developing.

There has been much new interest in the CHP-BC and we already have six candidates committed to representing CHP-BC’s fundamental pro-life, pro-family-pro-freedom values and principles to voters for the May 9 vote. Several others are considering taking this important step. If YOU would like to be a candidate in your district, please contact Rod Taylor: 250-877-8426 or

Here are the six candidates we have so far:

First six candidates 2017

Already, that is three times (!) the number of candidates we fielded in 2013 (our first campaign). Because of the continuing decline in the moral values in the BC Liberal government, we are seeing much more interest in the policies and platform of the Christian Heritage Party of BC.

We Need Your Help!

To make a difference in this election and to make sure the public is made aware of our pro-life, pro-family platform, we MUST:

  • TRAIN and EQUIP our candidates. We have a tremendous opportunity to train our 2017 candidates as well as those who may wish to run as federal candidates in 2019. Former Conservative MP Rob Anders of Calgary will be in Abbotsford March 24 and 25 providing world-class candidate and campaign team training. (See below for more details).
  • Produce and print professional-grade brochures, lawn signs and video clips to present our CHP-BC candidates and policies to the public.
  • Upgrade our CHP-BC website. This work is already underway. We will need to develop candidate webpages, a more user-friendly interface and linkable articles and access to our ads.

NOW is the time to make the most generous donation you can to the Christian Heritage Party of BC. With your help, we can really make an impact in 2017. The next month is critical.

Good News! Unlike federal contributions, provincial contributions have no maximum limit! In BC, small businesses, farms and corporations are able to make very significant donations. Your business donation could help make CHP-BC much more viable and visible in 2017.

If you are a BC taxpayer, your contributions to the Christian Heritage Party of BC are eligible for the following non-refundable TAX CREDITS:

75% on the first $100.
50% on contributions between $100 and $550.
33.3% on contributions between $550 and $1150.
The maximum tax credit is $500.

Here are some examples:



Tax Credit




You can donate online, using Paypal or a credit card at: Be sure to provide your mailing address, so we can send you an official tax receipt, after year end.


2-Day Candidate Training Scheduled For March 24 & 25 in Abbotsford

We have a dynamic, experienced and very gifted professional who has agreed to provide two days of very valuable training for candidates and campaign teams. Whether you plan to serve as a candidate or a volunteer on a campaign team, you won’t want to miss this! To register, contact me right away, via email to:

THANK YOU for helping us offer BC Voters a prolife, profamily alternative!


CHP-BC Seeking Solid Prolife, Profamily Candidates To Run In Spring Election

CHPBC meeting in Courtney 2016
Members and concerned citizens singing O Canada at CHP presentation in Courtenay

Earlier this month, CHP-BC leader, Rod Taylor, met with members and concerned citizens in Kelowna, New Westminster, Victoria, Nanaimo, Courtenay and Campbell River, presenting the policies and 2017 platform of BC's Christian Heritage Party, and seeking potential candidates to run in a number of ridings. Due to the abandonment of life and family by both the BC Liberals and the BC NDP, Rod Taylor is calling on all who value freedom, and who want to protect children, to join forces and present to the voters of BC on May 9, 2017, the CHP-BC's moral, common-sense appraoch.

If you, or someone you know, would be willing to stand up for sound moral values and decency, please contact Rod at:

Click here to learn more about our policies.

Click here to join CHP.

Click here to donate to CHP-BC.


"On July 25, 2016 the BC Legislature voted UNANIMOUSLY to add ‘Gender expression and identity’ to the BC Human Rights Code … "

As can be seen from the above, the cultural battlefront extends across Canada. Decisions are being made every day which are affecting our lives and will affect our children’s lives even more. That’s how important it is that we bring Christian cultural values to Victoria as well as to Ottawa. Even the freedom to speak the truth, to preach and to educate our own children is under direct attack.

Over recent years I have been so impressed by the work being done by ARPA, Real Women, CCBR, CLC, EFC, EPC, Canada Family Action, 4MyCanada and many other to shift the culture, to educate politicians at all levels and to inform Canadians—especially Christians—of the imminent threats to their freedoms and the urgency of using our God-given opportunities to impact public policy in defence of life, family, freedom and biblical values.

Most of you reading this are aware of the work of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada and some of you are already members. We are grateful to have all of you as allies in the trenches in the “culture wars”, whether in the CHP or not. Some of you may also know that BC is the first province to have a provincial wing: the Christian Heritage Party of BC. In 2013, CHP-BC ran two candidates in the provincial election. At that time I became the Interim Leader of CHP-BC, a position I still hold, although most of my time and energy is now devoted to federal politics. I know that CHP-BC deserves to have a Leader dedicated to provincial matters, especially in the lead-up to the 2017 BC provincial election but until that person is found, I will continue, if necessary to lead CHP-BC right through Election 2017.

My request to all of you readers is to consider among yourselves if some of you might be willing to serve as BC candidates in 2017. Obviously, the continual slide away from biblical standards and moral traditions requires a response of courage, conviction and sacrifice. Some of you are young—students or young parents starting out, beginning careers and with responsible roles in your churches—in addition to your noble and worthwhile involvements in social activism and advocacy. I recognize how busy you already are. Still, you are some of the brightest, most articulate members of the Christian community and I would love to see some of you “standing in the gap” as candidates. You already have a good grasp of the issues. You’ve already “counted the cost” and have made the decision to serve your nation and your King by representing biblical values in creative impactful ways.

I urge you to consider making a very special sacrifice in the next BC provincial election. Candidacy—or volunteer work in a campaign—is a big commitment but it doesn’t last forever. There’s a beginning and an ending. If, by God’s grace and sovereign design, you would be elected, your life would be turned upside down and you’d have to be ready for that. Think what a difference you could make in Victoria! If you are not elected, you would at least have had a golden opportunity to present godly values to the voters and citizens of British Columbia. For many young people, the presentation of a pro-life perspective during a campaign is the only exposure they have ever had to a Christian worldview.

Although I am engaged full-time on the federal stage, I know that provincial issues are just as important as federal; health, education and welfare are critical areas of provincial jurisdiction. What about abortion funding? What about freedom of information and access to abortion statistics? What about education and curriculum choices being made for the children of this province? What about the restrictions on free speech which will no doubt follow in the wake of the recent changes to the BC Human Rights Code? We need to offer the voters of BC a viable alternative at the polls. Our society may be gasping its last breath but it mustn’t perish from our neglect. We must at least blow the trumpet. Your words at a debate or in a newspaper interview might change a life or save a life. Might change a mind. Might change a nation.

We need passionate citizens at every level of government (federal, provincial and municipal) of high moral character who will stand up for the vulnerable—the preborn, the elderly and the disabled—and will work to restore justice and freedom in BC. Experience—or lack it—should not be an impediment to serving in the political realm. We are ready to work with you and help you to represent biblical values in the public square in 2017. You already have many of the tools you need and so much more than many of the confused young people graduating from Canadian public schools and post-secondary institutions.

Right now, we are seeking to improve our CHP-BC website and to prepare promotional materials for our candidates in 2017. We want to provide quality training for both candidates and campaign teams. There has never been a greater need for a committed family-values provincial party in BC. British Columbia, like most Canadian provinces, has continued to follow the path of least resistance, the slippery slope away from traditional God-given standards for marriage, life and freedom. We want to offer an alternative vision for BC and we invite you to help in any way you can. Because of my federal responsibilities, I would like to see another candidate come forward for my home riding of Bulkley Valley-Stikine. Our current NDP MLA, Doug Donaldson, is a good man and works hard but his views and those of his party are not consistent with ours on social issues. Is there one among you who would be willing to carry the banner for life and family in 2017? You are some of the best and the brightest in the pro-life movement and a fresh face and a fresh voice in Bulkley Valley-Stikine could make a big impact. BC has 85 MLAs; CHP-BC hopes to present candidates in as many districts as we can—with your help! Thank you for your faithfulness!

Rod Taylor

Rod Taylor, Interim Leader, CHP-BC

Some ways you can help CHP-BC to present BC voters with a biblical perspective:

  1. Pray for the board and interim leader as we prepare for Election 2017.
  2. Volunteer as a candidate or suggest a good candidate for your area.
  3. During the election, we will need people to put up signs and make phone calls but our biggest need right now is for candidates and finances so we can promote the party.
  4. Did I mention financial help? If you pay BC taxes your donation to CHP-BC qualifies for an exemption on your BC taxes, similar to the federal exemption for donations to a federal party. (75% non-refundable tax credit on any amount up to $400). Donations can be made online at
  5. Unlike Elections Canada, Elections BC still allows corporate donations. Your business can also contribute to the Christian Heritage Party of BC.

For more info, or to offer yourself as a candidate or volunteer, please contact me at: ph: 250-877-8426



BC Liberal Government Adds
'Gender Identity or Expression'
to BC Human Rights Code

by Rod Taylor, CHP-BC Leader

Rod Taylor, CHP-BC Leader

On July 25, 2016, Christy Clark’s BC Liberal government fast-tracked legislation specifically making “gender identity or gender expression” grounds for provincial human rights violations. Whereas the government had previously opposed such legislation, in this case, they led the charge and embraced the expanded definition by sponsoring Bill 27. A chorus of NDP supporters of the bill spoke to it as did a number of Liberal MLAs. Read the bill here.

Out of 85 members, only 70 voted and they voted UNANIMOUSLY in favour of adding this entirely unnecessary category to the human rights code. One brave Liberal, Mr. Laurie Throness (Chilliwack-Hope) made a great speech explaining why he could not support the bill. See his speech here. When the vote was taken, he abstained. Presumably, several others abstained as well. Here are the names of the MLAs who voted YES:

Bill No 7 

It is noteworthy that the bill passed through both second and third reading in a single day. That probably means that neither the Government nor the Opposition wanted to give the public any time to become aware of the bill, neither to participate in any debate nor to raise concerns. They must know that a large percentage of British Columbians are uncomfortable with creating special rights and protections for those claiming gender identities different than their biological birth gender. By limiting debate, the Government obviously hoped to benefit by aligning itself with the “fluid-gender” movement without having to endure the sincere questions from citizens who remain unconvinced that such an approach is a benefit for society as a whole.

Those of us in the family-values movement recognize that this bill is one more strategy to convince British Columbians that gender is fluid, that alternative lifestyles are more about human rights than about biological realities. Similar to the fad several years ago which repeatedly framed the promotion of gender issues in public schools as a response to “bullying”, this move is specifically designed to silence the critics of sex-focused and gender-focused curricula and programs.

British Columbians and all Canadians already have laws in place to protect them from discrimination and hatred. By creating new legislation specifically targeting alternative sexual behaviours and lifestyles, the BC Government is attempting to be seen as an advocate of human rights and compassionate towards those who have adopted a non-traditional attitude towards marriage and sex. In doing so, they have abandoned traditional marriage, natural male-female relationships and their responsibility to protect BC children from harm.

As in other parts of the country, this approach will lead to confusing protocols for public washrooms, change rooms and showers, confusion regarding personal ID documents, privacy and safety issues for women and girls and a general undermining of the natural family, the building block of a civilized society.

Please write to your MLA and express your thoughts regarding the agenda of gender confusion being promoted in Victoria. Write to MLA Laurie Throness and thank him for his willingness to defend traditional morality and family values.

Next May, British Columbians go to the polls. The Christian Heritage Party of BC is now fielding candidates who will represent traditional family values in that campaign. Help us find good, solid candidates who will uphold marriage and sexual purity. Our hearts are filled with compassion for all those who struggle with gender confusion. We believe that they and society are best served by maintaining a common-sense approach to biological realities while treating all citizens with respect and dignity. We do not improve their lot by confusing the rest of society.

CHP-BC Elects a New Board
in Preparation for Election 2017

On Saturday, April 9, 2016, the Christian Heritage Party of BC elected a new President, Pastor Ron Short from Cranbrook, BC.

 Ron Short

David Lynn Simcox

 Janet O'Leary

Ron took up the duties of President immediately, as Mr. Luke Kwantes, who has served faithfully as President and Treasurer for the past three years, has now moved to Alberta.

Following the Joint AGM between the BC Council of the federal CHP Canada and CHP-BC, the board of CHP-BC met and appointed David Lynn Simcox as Treasurer / Financial Agent for the Party.

Mrs. Janet O’Leary has accepted the role of Secretary.

Interim Leader, Mr. Rod Taylor of Telkwa, BC, will continue as leader until a suitable replacement can be found. Mr. Taylor currently leads the national Christian Heritage Party of Canada as well, and for that reason, hopes to find a replacement to carry the CHP-BC banner into the May, 2017 BC Election. However, he is prepared to lead the Party into the election, if no suitable replacement can be found.

Addressing the choices ahead for voters, both provincially and federally, Mr. Taylor said this:

Rod Taylor“Provincial matters are just as important as federal matters; health, education and welfare are critical issues about which, CHP-BC has much to say. We need to offer the voters of BC a viable alternative at the polls. We are looking, right now, for passionate citizens of high moral character, who will stand in the gap for the young people of this province; people who will stand up for the vulnerable — the preborn, the elderly and the disabled — and will work to restore justice and freedom in BC provincial politics.

We hope to find good candidates to carry the CHP-BC banner in 2017. We are ready to work with them, train them and present them to the voters of BC.”


CHP National Leader and Interim CHP-BC Leader
Appears on Sun News

On his recent visit to Ottawa, newly-elected National Leader, Rod Taylor, was interviewed by Brian Lilley of SUN News. Click the image below to view the clip:

Rod Taylor on SUN News

Follow this and other news on Rod Taylor's Twitter account, and on his Facebook Page.

CHP-BC Interim Leader Elected As National Leader Of CHP Canada

Rod Taylor in Hamilton



Rod Taylor was elected on November 6, 2014 to serve as the National Leader (read more here).

Since his election, he has been to Ottawa twice, and has begun meetings with MPs, media and like-minded citizen advocacy groups to begin preparations for the federal election, expected to take place in October 2015.

Taylor notes that this puts more urgency on selecting a new provincial leader, as he needs to direct his attention to federal issues. He invites suggestions and submission of names to begin the process of holding a leadership vote for CHP-BC. He can be reached at:

CHP-BC Leader Brings Provincial Budget Concerns to Government Committee at Hearings in Smithers

CHP-BC Leader, Rod Taylor, Brings Provincial Budget Concerns to Gov't Committee in Smithers, BC

Rod Taylor, Telkwa, BC - "On Wednesday, October 9, 2013, I had the opportunity, along with others from the Bulkley Valley to present suggestions and concerns to the BC Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services who are receiving public input prior to the development of next year's provincial budget. When I arrived at the hearings in Smithers at 8 Am, I was pleased to see that Mark Penninga, head of ARPA was also presenting.

The proceedings were recorded and transcribed by the BC Legislature Hansard Services and both the audio and a draft transcript are available on their website.

Mark was first to speak and his very astute and focused comments can be heard on the audio link from about 5 minutes into the webcastm until about 15 minutes. My presentation starts at the 25-minute mark, and goes to about 33 minutes.

A number of other submissions were also presented on a variety of topics.

The transcript of my remarks is also provided below. I've not checked the transcript for errors."



Remarks made by Rod Taylor, Interim Leader of CHP-BC, to the BC Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services

"... I want to thank every member of the committee, the Hansard Services and the support staff that are with you. It's great that you do come to the north, and I appreciate the opportunity to address these concerns.

I just yesterday morning basically got confirmation that I would be speaking today. It was short notice for me, so I haven't covered all the topics that could be covered. I have not even touched on education. But I have a few points that I would like to make to you.

I am the interim leader of the Christian Heritage Party of British Columbia. That's the capacity in which I'm speaking. I also work serving as the deputy leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada.

The purpose of any budgetary process must be to design a balanced and workable budget. Over the past four years B.C.'s provincial debt has ballooned from $26 billion to $39 billion. Based on current projections, B.C.'s debt could reach $69 billion by March of 2016, putting every man, woman and child in B.C. in debt to the tune of $15,000 per person. That's approaching the same level we are at federally. It should be a concern to all of us and certainly will be an issue that our children and grandchildren will have to deal with.

Debt-servicing costs will top $2.5 billion this year, a budgetary cost only exceeded by the ministries of Health and Education. We all know that that $2.5 billion could be put to much better use providing needed services for British Columbians.

To break this cycle of government debt and deficit, government must reduce costs, live within its means and within the means of the taxpayer, and must make concerted and disciplined efforts to pay down the debt.

To this end, the B.C. government, in my opinion, should reduce the cost of government by trimming departments, where possible, and lowering thresholds for salaries and benefits for all MLAs, government staff, management of Crown corporations and all B.C. civil servants to bring them into line with those of the average British Columbian.

A recent poll of British Columbians conducted by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation found that 80 percent of residents believe government wages and benefits should be brought into line with those in the private sector.

Corporations such as B.C. Ferries and B.C. Hydro work for the taxpayer, not the other way around. Executive compensation should be trimmed significantly and any perks or bonuses should be performance related. Rising costs for hydro customers and ferry passengers are not the kind of performance that deserves a raise.

B.C. could reduce health care costs by removing abortion, which cures no diseases and creates additional health care problems, from the list of procedures covered by B.C. med. Abortion has been given the sacred cow status by successive B.C. governments to the point where B.C. citizens cannot find out, even through freedom-of-information requests, the numbers and types of abortion procedures conducted in the province, nor the actual cost of such procedures, nor the medical complications resulting from them.

While private clinics providing real health care are discouraged by Canada's health care system, private clinics where babies are killed operate in British Columbia at taxpayer expense with little or no requirement for reporting or oversight.

Based on numbers from the abortion industry itself and government figures from previous years, we believe about 15,000 surgical abortions take place in B.C. each year at an estimated cost of $20 million. The real numbers may be much higher. Follow-up appointments to repair surgical damage and the very real social costs to mothers and society in general, of course, are not included in those figures.

Fifteen thousand missing children each year means a loss of 500 classrooms and 500 teacher positions every year. It means 15,000 fewer employees and taxpaying citizens entering the workforce. Certainly, it's both a moral and a fiscal problem for British Columbia.

We believe B.C. should remove gender reassignment surgery and all elective surgeries from taxpayer-funded procedures. We're all familiar with crowded hospitals and waiting lines for essential health care procedures. It does not make sense for British Columbians to be paying for a procedure which is politically motivated, questionable in its results and sometimes harmful.

The B.C. government should reduce or eliminate its dependence on lotteries as a source of revenues. Lotteries and casinos have proven negative impact on families in British Columbia, and their harm far outweighs the tempting benefits of so-called free money. No item of value whatsoever is produced by gambling. Existing pools of resources that might have been used for the benefit of families are reduced, and unrealistic expectations of gain are heightened. For the government to promote and benefit from gambling at the expense of the poor is unconscionable.

We also should eliminate carbon taxes, as this unnecessary burden on B.C. citizens does not solve the environmental challenges faced by British Columbia but adds additional red tape and costs to our complicated lives. Again, it is an approach designed to appease those who are truly concerned about the environment but has itself created additional costly bureaucracy without appreciably reducing human impact.

Now I come to the good part. I would like to commend the B.C. government for its ongoing work on improving B.C. highways. Making it easier and safer for British Columbians and visitors to travel within our province is a benefit to families, to our provincial economy and for our ability to attract both business and tourism.

If I have any complaint about B.C.'s highways, it is sometimes in the north here a delayed response to winter storms, allowing the buildup of snow and ice, especially on the weekends. Such conditions do create additional safety hazards on northern roads, occasionally contributing to fatal or crippling accidents. When road conditions deteriorate following a heavy snow, the application of salt and large-diameter gravel then produces dangerous slush and frequent damage to windshields. An early and continuous response by snowplows and graders could reduce slush, ice buildup and the need for heavy applications of salt and large gravel.

Since weather conditions vary from one year to the next, it is not possible to set absolute budgets for winter road maintenance. Public safety must be the prime consideration. In terms of cost savings, the daily tasks of winter road maintenance may be contracted out, but the actual responsibility for public safety cannot be privatized. It rests with the ministry of highways and with the government.

Thank you very much for hearing these concerns. It's not a complete list but some items that are of prime concern to us. We do wish you God's wisdom and guidance as you make the difficult decisions you make, budgetary and otherwise, on behalf of all British Columbians. Thank you very much."


Rod Taylor takes on role as Interim Leader of CHP-BC

 Rod Taylor takes on role as Interim Leader of CHP-BC

Following the resignation of former CHP-BC Leader Wilf Hanni, Deputy Leader, Rod Taylor, has accepted the responsibilities of leading the Christian Heritage Party of BC on an Interim basis.

Mr. Hanni stepped down in June due to family health issues and business commitments. He continues to be a strongly-supportive member of CHP-BC and intends to continue to assist the party in policy development.

Rod Taylor resides in Telkwa, BC, with his wife, Elaine. They celebrate 39 years of marriage this year. They have two children and four grandchildren. Mr. Taylor works full-time as the National Development Director for CHP Canada, the federal counterpart to CHP-BC. He also serves the national party in the role of Deputy Leader to Mr. Jim Hnatiuk, National Leader.

Working with CHP-BC’s President, Louis Kwantes, Mr. Taylor says the provincial party plans to hold a Leadership Contest at its next AGM, in the Spring of 2014. This year’s AGM was held in Telkwa but next year’s will likely be held in BC’s Lower Mainland.

Mr. Taylor was one of two candidates who ran for the party in the 2013 provincial election. The next four years will be dedicated to growing party membership and further policy development. The party calls on all those who may be interested in seeking the leadership of CHP-BC to step forward and submit their names so that the membership can get to know them prior to the Leadership Contest in 2014.

CHP-BC makes history in the 2013 BC Election

Two Candidates—Rod Taylor and Donald A. Roberts—take the CHP-BC message to voters in Northern BC

Representing the Christian Heritage Party for the first time in a provincial election, candidates Rod Taylor in the Stikine constituency and Donald A. Roberts in Prince George-Valemount are taking the party’s principled pro-life, pro-family values to the voters on May 14.

Hot on the heels of the Christian Heritage Party of BC’s first annual general meeting on April 6, both candidates got to work getting signatures and filing papers to register their place on the ballot.

Rod Taylor
Donald A. Roberts

Both Taylor and Roberts have run in the past, and are encouraged by the interest they have seen in the party’s platform and their individual candidacies in this election.

To learn more about Rod Taylor or to assist with his campaign, visit: or call 250-877-8426

To learn more about Donald A. Roberts or to assist with his campaign, call him at:


Annual General Meeting
A Great Success!

CHP-BC delegates made history on April 6th, 2013 when they met at Telkwa, BC for an all-day meeting to review, amend and ratify both the Policies and the Constitution of the Christian Heritage Party of British Columbia.

Rod Taylor at AGM podium

The delegates pushed through a rigorous agenda, and succeeded in completing - not only the work on the core documents of CHP-BC - but also in electing the Executive for the year ahead.

  • Wilf Hanni has been officially affirmed as the Leader
  • Louis (Luke) Kwantes was elected President and Financial Agent
  • Adam DeKroon was elected Secretary
  • Rod Taylor was appointed Deputy Leader by Wilf Hanni
 Wilf Hanni, leader of CHP-BC



Because our Leader, Wilf Hanni, will be out of the province during part of the election, Rod Taylor will also be the Acting Leader for the duration of
the 2013 campaign.

 Rod Taylor, deputy leader for CHP-BC

Mr. Taylor also announced his intention to represent CHP-BC in the Stikine Constituency in the upcoming election.

This will be the first time there has been a CHP candidate in a provincial campaign in Canada.

There are several other potential candidates in the wings; nominations are open until April 26 at 1:00pm. If you, or someone you know, would like to represent CHP-BC in the 2013 Election, contact Rod Taylor at

 Denise Mountenay At the conclusion of the business meeting, the delegates enjoyed a superb catered dinner, and were entertained by local musicians before hearing a powerful address by Denise Mountenay, author of 'Forgiven' and founder of 'Canada Silent No More'.

Denise shared about her work with post-abortive women and the lobbying efforts she participates in at the United Nations and around the world.


Not a member yet? You can join CHP-BC by clicking here. Your membership is a joint membership in CHP-BC (the provincial wing) and CHP Canada (the federal wing).

The Christian Heritage Party of British Columbia

Our memorandum of agreement calls for all memberships to be dual, meaning that when a resident of British Columbia joins the Christian Heritage Party, he or she automatically becomes a member of both the Federal and Provincial Parties by paying a single membership fee, unless they choose not to belong to both.

We have adopted a new Logo, displayed above, to help the citizens of British Columbia to recognize us as a part of the great team of dedicated individuals from right across this country who are fighting to restore and preserve that great Canadian Heritage to the Federal level of government – the Christian Heritage Party of Canada.

With the ten-fold increase in our membership, we now have an army of volunteers that can work with us to help build the Christian Heritage Party of British Columbia into a force to be reckoned with in BC provincial politics. If you would like to join that army and help our great province of British Columbia to restore and preserve the great Judea-Christian Heritage that all Canadians have shared since our Country was founded, you need to purchase a membership and volunteer now.

If you value and want to preserve the Heritage that made Canada great, join us now and help us to restore and preserve that Heritage. Click on the button labeled 'Join Now' and complete an application form. We will be glad to process your application and welcome you in to our Party.

Together, we will build a better future by keeping the best from our past and adding the experience of the present. Join us now to help build a better future for British Columbia.

Richest Blessings
Christian Heritage Party of British Columbia

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"Together, we will build a better future by keeping the best from our past and adding the experience of the present. Join us now to help build a better future for British Columbia."

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